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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

WHat a Difference a Year Makes

Pride, London 2015
It is just over a year ago that I attended my first Pride, that was the London Parade ad it made something of an impact on me, as I remember it less than half of the parade had gone past us before we had decided that we would be part of it this year; ~ at so we were!

It was that same day that I had something of an unschedule outing,   Since then I have not performed as a man!   Indeed since January this year I have been living full time in my adopted gender.   I now feel totally content in myself as, it would be fatuous to claim not to have any regrets ~ but then again too few to mention.

Current typical concert dress
Looking back to that day in June 2014 it now feels as though it was something of a watershed, playing music is such a big part of my life that once I started to play in y true gender it was the start of my own self confirmation that this is right for me.   So far at no time during this last year have felt that I am doing the wrong thing.   Of course I have worried, and I have had moments of doubt, bt inside I have always felt that this is right.

I think it is probably better that others have confirmed to me that I seem more relaxed, more confident, and generally more at ease now.   I am sure that much of this is that I am no longer lying about myself and am now living my life honestly and with homogeneity.

I suspect that I am lucky in that I have total support from my two brothers, and being self employed I have no work related issues ~ in theory my daughter is supportive of minorities but is still not comfortable with my transition.

This last year has certainly seen a lot of changes, the coming one holds even more, moving home; medical intervention; and wh knows what else?
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