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Paula's Place

Friday, 24 July 2015

Dropped Balls

These last few weeks have been pretty hectic, even by my rather strange standards.   It feels as though I have been out with one thing or another nearly every evening, so much so that I am struggling to even keep up with my washing up and laundry.

It is ironic that with all this activity I have quite a lot of material to write about, yet havn't got the time to write.

Well once again I am going to just have to accept the simple fact that I am going to fail ~ yet another big event this weekend which looks as though it is going to take up all of today, as well as Saturday and Sunday.   Just be way of warning since my last post I have been involved in filming for Channel 4, been out to dinner twice, got a new hair "do", and been groped by a celebrity. Now if that's not enough material for some serious blogging I need to change my world.

However I am currently running around in ever decreasing circles in grave danger of disappearing up my own fundamental orifice, as I desperately try to get the washing up done, while updating Paula's Place and packing for a weekend away.

I have been looking forward to this weekend for months, but now that it's here I am worried that I can't really spare the time off work.    Somehow I just have to accept that "it is what it is"

Back in the day when I had a boss, I had one who had fingers in many, many pies.   He tried to micro manage the business that I was ostensibly the CEO of, as well as being the marketing director of another Company working in Mongolia, a director of yet another Company and a partner in an environmental consultancy; as well as being a husband and father.   One day I asked him how he managed to do some many different things, his reply was that sometimes he dropped a ball. What amazed me most at the time was his calm acceptance. Now I find myself in a similar position and I have to adopt the same attitude.   I have tried to divest myself of some duties/responsibilities, but I have to accept that if I want to stay involved with all the different things I do then every now and then I will drop a ball.
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