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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

In the Mail

It may seem a little silly but I still get a small frisson of joy when I receive a letter addressed to my correct name, of course this is often soon dissipated as I open the letter and find it is just another bill.   The other day I received a letter not only addressed correctly but from the NHS so there was some added excitement and anticipation as I tore open the envelope ~ only to find I had been given an appointment for breast screening.   I felt it best t give them a call to cancel and make the appointment available to someone who could make more use of it.   I will be called back in two years time so maybe I will need that appointment by then.

A new way to annoy the neighbours
I have bought myself a new bass amp. well strictly speaking it is not new, but one of my many pre-used ebay purchases.   It is quite a lump so when I went to collect it on Monday evening I was very pleased to be the recipient of some chivalry as the seller made a point of carrying it to my car for me.   Now I want a roady all the time!

So far I am pleased with my new toy, it has plenty of power for what I want to do, a good sound and plenty of control ~ and a major advantage over it's predecessor, it works!

Quite a while ago now I wrote about playing at the finals of National Concert Band Festival in Manchester, after we played each member of the band had a photo taken, we have just been sent them.   We had a few options from ignore and send them back, to a full package of several prints in different sizes in a wallet alongside a photo of the whole band on stage.   Since I was the only member of the bad that could not be seen on the band photo (only legs and the tuba!) I opted for just one print, it's not my favorite photo, a little more effort and I'm sure they could have framed it so that the whole instrument was in shot, but it's not bad.

Finally for today (when a preacher says that you know that there are only another three points and thirty minutes to go) I have now crossed another Rubicon and today will be burning another bridge.  I have ow come out to the final group in my life and today will be attending a Textiles Recycling Conference in London, if my recycling customers are as accepting as my gardening customers I will end up with more business instead of less.   I am quite sure that on the Local Authority side I will have no problems as diversity training is obligatory and ingrained into the structure of all our councils now.   On the commercial side I cant be so sure, but as a rule people who deal with others waste are surprised by very little.
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