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Monday, 22 June 2015

Bits and Boobs

Not unusually for me this last couple of weeks have been pretty frantic, and the next one doesn't look a lot better.   This is, of course, a busy time for my gardening business, but I also have a lot on with my recycling activities and my music.   As well as all of this the coming weekend holds the London Pride Parade on Saturday and then on SUnday we have the LGSO end of season concert.

This is going to be a good concert with a fabulous soloist something new (to me) and a Brahms symphony ~ who could want more?

A great concert and a great way to finish the Pride weekend.

One of the easier things about this concert for me is what to wear ~ it will be one of my ever growing collection of LBDs, on the other hand I have a concert coming up where we have been invited to wear "Gowns" I now have three full length dress two of which I think can truly be described as gowns, the question will then be which on to wear?  there could be another poll coming up ~ watch this space.

I have recently started to experience something new, I have girl stuff wearing out! ~ all the time I was a closeted or semi closeted cross dresser this never happened, I was more likely to purge stuff than wear it out, that is no longer the case and I am finding that I am already having to replace some items.  In particular the other day while I was working I had something of a catastrophic wardrobe failure, only it wasn't my clothes that let me down, it was my boobs!   My chest felt a little sticky, and when I looked down I could see a damp sticky patch on my top.   Somehow both my boobs had sprung a leak ~ all very unpleasant and just a little embarrassing!

I have spares so am not bereft, but they were my favorites, they just seemed to be the right size, shape and weight.   I have now ordered some more and hope they will be as good.
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