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Paula's Place

Saturday, 30 May 2015

A New Fan

Yesterday it rained, no big deal that, after all I do live in England and along with decent beer, cricket and good taste we are known for rain.   Unfortunately I am dependant on the weather for my work and so I could not get on with any of the work I had hoped to get done yesterday; however I could get in the supplies I needed to put together some planters I have been working on.

This meant a trip to the Garden Center to get hold of some fresh pots (plastic pots inside wooden planter in the hope of delaying any rot) and compost, and then the nursery for some more bedding plants.   All this was done on my way home from the beautician following my weekly electrolysis appointment.   Anticipating the rain I wore a button up black linen  A Line skirt sheer black tights black pumps, a mauve tee shirt top and denim jacket ~ I had some work clothes with me in case the forecast was wrong, but after a tough week of drudgery I felt in need of a little (even a very little) glamour.

On the way back I realised I also needed some fresh gravel to dress the top of the pots so popped into the builders merchant.   This is a builders merchant I have been using for years, I am a great believer in supporting small independent local businesses, after all I am a small independent local business.  It was only on arrival that I realised, a/ that it was all rather muddy and b/ that this was the first time I had been there dressed in anything other than work clothes. I was interested to see what if any reaction I got.

The guys in the office either barely noticed or just didn't react, I was still called "mate" (a none gender specific general term of greeting "all right mate") and my money was taken in the normal way.   It was the guys in the yard who are there to help load that reacted, one in particular couldn't do enough to help made a point of telling me how nice he thought I looked ~ in fact I think I may have made a new fan.
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