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Wednesday, 29 April 2015


My first thought on realising that today we are confronted with X was hat I should have saved yesterday's post till today and made a lot more of the Marimbas association with the Xylophone, with Xylo meaning wood.  

The more obvious alternative given my particular interest, would be to consider XX and XY Chromosomes, and how simply possessing one particular sex chromosome is not the sole determining factor in gender. How there is research going on which is showing that there are physiological factors in our gender that are not related to those chromosomes, and indeed simply being female does not of itself ensure that one becomes a woman.

However an election leaflet that fell (or maybe slithered) through my letter box changed that.

Here in the UK we are in the throws of a General Election, we will be electing the MPS who will choose our net government, and it still looks as though no single party may win.   This does mean that for once more attention is being shown to the smaller parties, the nationalists parties, the Green Party and the thoroughly loathsome UKIP.   It seems to me that an election can bring out the worst in some people, and I had thought that UKIP were the worst.   Their policies and motivations all seem to be based on fear, or at very least hate of the "Other"

At least UKIP try to hide and apologize for the more hateful attitudes of some of their candidate, it seems as though the (previously unknown to me) "Liberty GB" party choose to celebrate and publicise their own hatefilled stupidity.

We keep hearing about how this election is all about the economy, which party will manage it best, who will reduce our deficit in the most secure way.

Let's remember it is also about what sort of a country we want to live in and how we relate to our neighbours.

I should apologize to my readers for inflicting disgusting this piece of ordure on you, I stress that I am just using it as an example of how dangerous and how hateful some candidates can be, not in anyway to give them a platform.   I expect Jim Dowd the labour candidate to win in my constituency I hope for a decent turn out for Tom Chance of the Green Party, that Martin Powell-Davies of the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition saves his deposit and shows that there are still some socialists about, but most of all I hope that everyone realises just how loathsome and hateful Liberty GB are and that not even George Whale's family vote for him.
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