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Friday, 17 April 2015


I don't know why I do it, I should know better by now, I am grown up, I can make decisions for myself, and lets face it I went through all this a year ago, so I did know what I was letting myself in for.   But here I am at silly O'clock on the night of the 16th of April writing a blog entry t match the letter N.

It's not as if I don't have enough on my plate right now.   Work wise this is quite possibly the busiest time of year for me, and of course here in the South East of England we are enjoying something f a heat wave, making work even busier.   Today I have cut grass; weeded out a bog garden; cleared an area to be re-planted, and consulted on building a screen and planting climbers.   I have also been to a band rehearsal, and tried to sort out some paperwork.

I am sure that many will agree with the sigh of exasperation with which I accompany the thought of insurance.   I hope to be buying a car again soon, I haven't had a car since 2013 when the last one got a bit pricey to run on my meagre budget, but things are picking up and I think I should be able to afford this little luxury.   I have spotted an old Saab I quite fancy for about £400, so I got in touch with the brokers I last used to see what they would quote for me.   I was told that I could not carry my nine years no claims bonus forward as it was over two years since I had been insured, so how much would they quote ~ £4,000.   I have checked online and had quotes from around £650, more than I would want to pay but a lot less than £4,000!

This all reminded me that I as I have now sent off the registration of my van and my drivers licence to get my name changed, now I had better sort out my insurance as well.   I phoned up my broker and told him I was changing my name, fine, he just needed the documents and would sort it all out.   He then went on to regale me with the story of how the last person who had changed their name had transitioned into a woman (not his words, I do believe he said something about a man in a dress!), deep breath "Well actually........"

Now I have to send him a copy of my deed of change of name, and also try to remember who else I have to tell, and try and get them all in the right order.
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