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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

London Gay Symphony Orchestra ~ LGSO

There are many things that make the LGSO a very special Orchestra.   I suppose the first and most obvious is rather given away in the name. The Orchestra's objectives include;
  • Providing a safe and supportive space for musicians of all sexualities
  • Playing to a high standard, but still offering space for players of all abilities
  • Being adventurous and ambitious in our programming
  • Sharing our passion for orchestral music with audiences new and old
  • Making a contribution to LGBT life in London and beyond.
Even though I am quite sure that I am the one who puts the T into the LGBT here, for me the Orchestra did exactly what they set out to do, they provided me with a safe and supportive space to be Paula in the real world, doing the thing I love most ~ playing orchestral music.

I had been out a few times before joining the orchestra, but before that my outings had always been opportunities to dress up, playing with LGSO meant that I was going out for a reason, and it just happened that it was Paula going.   It was through this, being Paula playing at rehearsals and concerts that I began to truly understand that this is not something I do, it is something I am.   Even though I am the only Trans member of the Orchestra they have always been totally accepting (not always the case with organisations who claim to be LGBT) supportive and friendly.   Indeed this is one of the most friendly Orchestras I have ever played with, and all that has helped to make me the person I am today.

I have made some good friends, played some great music to a high standard, and have been made to feel very old.   One of the other most notable things about this orchestra is that the average age is pretty low.   Indeed in my section the second oldest thing is often my trombone!   For an old lag like me it is quite rejuvenating to be surrounded by really good, young musicians whose passion for the music has yet to be jaded by time and promoters.

Obviously I love this orchestra, and I want all of you to as well, if you can come along to our next concert on the 26th April and enjoy some stunning music played really well by some stunning people. you will not be disappointed.  You can even have a glass of wine during the interval!
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