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Paula's Place

Friday, 10 April 2015

I've been getting it wrong ~ Concert Dress IIX

As I wrote here on SUnday I will be playing at the finals of the National Concert Band Festival, I have been practising (a bit) and will ensure that I am musically as prepared as possible.   We will be traveling up to Manchester together by coach tomorrow (Saturday) spend the evening together and stay overnight at an hotel.   Then the next day is dedicated to the festival and the journey home.

The dress code for our performance is the usual boring all black, regular readers will know how much I agonise about exactly how I will interpret that rather basic instruction.   I have worn LBDs, modest matronly dresses, fancy trousers, plain trousers, satin blouses, sheer blouses, even on occasion a polo neck sweater.   But a recent series of 9 Chickweed Lane makes me worried that I have been giving my considerations to the wrong garments;

This now leaves me with the question, of what sort of lingerie should I chose for Philip Spark and Paul Hart?

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