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Sunday, 22 March 2015

What a Weekend?

Billy Twelvetrees
I have just got around to watching the England v France rugby international from yesterday, and all I can say is WOW.   If you don't know what I mean then there really isn't much point in trying to explain.   I am sure that every Rugby fan the world over will still be reeling from yesterday's games.  I think I will have to watch them all again now I know the results and haven't got the emotion to deal with to see if they really were as good as I thought the first time through.

Courtney Lawes
I know that this is not really a sport Blog, and that many of my regular readers may not count Rugby as one of their major interests so I will content myself with the thought that England may not have won the championship, but we do have the best looking players.

As I finally sit down at home at half past nine on Sunday night I can reflect that this weekend I have refelted a shed roof of eighteen square meters; had a discussion with another gardener on charging for waste removal; been out to dinner with a friend; cleared out my van: played a Gig on electric bass with my jazz band; unblocked a drain; done four loads of washing, played at an orchestral rehearsal and almost caught up with the washing up.

The trouble is that next week I have got just as much to do again as i have had this week.   I suspect that if I haven't learnt how to plan my life by now it is to late, ut somehow I have to find a way of doing less, while still doing the things I want to do.
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