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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Kiss me I'm Irish

 I'm reminded of the awful old joke, "Have you got any Irish in you? would you like some?"

Today everybody seems to claim Irish descent, if only as an excuse to be very silly and drink too much Guinness

I do have some Irish blood, but probably less than a pint!  There was an old family joke that when the O'Higgins left Ireland and sailed for Liverpool they were so seasick that they spewed the O over the side of the ship.   Recent investigations into the family tree show this was actually true!

And finally An Irishman went for a job on a building site, the foreman warned him that he would have to answer some difficult questions.

"That's OK" said the Irishman

"You're absolutely sure?" asked the foreman


"Right" said the foreman. "What's the difference between a joist and a girder?, think carefully"

"Well" said the Irishman "Didn't Joyce write Ulysses and Goethe write Faust?"

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