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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Concert Dress VI

The no dress concert dress
Back here I last wrote about dressing for a concert, since then I have played at a couple of concerts but failed to reveal  the resolution of my deliberations.   As it happened the 22nd of February did not dawn warm and sunny so I decided for the first time since playing with the LGSO to wear trousers.   As I always play Bass Trombone with this Orchestra I  an retain my modesty while adopting a good playing position pretty much whatever I wear.   I generally choose one of my any LBDs, but just felt like a change and went for the comfort option.

I had initially excluded these trousers as I thought they were a little bit large for me, but since I have put on a little weight they fitted quite nicely, and the top is warm, and comfy but between the velvet and sparkles is suitably glamorous as well.

As it happened that day ou tuba player was due to borrow one of my instruments as his was being repaired, I trolled up to St Sepulchre's with my Bass Trombone "Precious" and my Little Besson EEb tuba in the back of the van.   I was looking forward t the concert as we were playing Tchaikovsky's fifth symphony, one of my favorites.   Indeed this was the first piece I ever played on trombone, way back in the Youth Philharmonic when my tuba teacher first convinced me to take up the instrument as well.   Not only was it the first piece I ever played on Trombone, but also one I had never played on Tuba.

With my "Little Besson"
Being a day for complications the tuba player fell ill and we couldn't find another one at that notice, fortunately we were able to drag a trombone player out f a local pub, so he played the Bass Trombone part on my Precious while I played the tuba part on my little Besson.   Not only was it a freak of luck that this happened to be the one concert where I had both instruments with me, but somehow it was also teh first one where I was wearing trousers.   If I had opted for either of the dresses I was considering there is no way I could have worn them and played the tuba, at least not while retaining any modesty whatsoever.
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