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Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Wiz is Right

Well ~ sort of

Looking here suggests that this may be a combination of a couple of the many, many stories that seem to have become attached to Saint Valentine.

I am actually quite surprised to find that St Valentine is still celebrated as a Saint at all in many of our most prestigious Churches.   As an Evangelical I of course believe in the sainthood of all believers, all who call on the name of Jesus and put their faith in Him are equally loved, equally blessed, and, are all adopted children of God and sit beside Jesus the only begotten Son; but that is another post, for another day.

I am more exercised by how, and what we celebrate, last night a friend of mine realised that he had forgotten to get his wife a card, or indeed anything else.   Not only that, but he realised this while she was on her way to pick him up from the pub, before getting up at four O'clock this morning to take him to the airport for a "business" trip to Germany.   There was pretty broad agreement that he was in trouble.   I even went as far as suggesting that I drop a card round for him, that was followed by the suggestion that I also address it to him and sign it.   However since he is a valuable member of one of my bands we did decide it was a little early to have him bumped off by his wife.

This is indicative of the importance that can be attached to this day

Personally I shall be celebrating the day by watching some Rugby on the television and going out this evening with my friends at TransPALS I am not surprised that I have received no cards or flowers yet, indeed I will be a lot more surprised if I do get any.

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