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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Manners make the man but...............................

I never used to have these problems, as a bloke I would get up, wash put on some clothes, have something to eat and go out.    Now I find that I am constantly thinking (at some level or another) about what I will be wearing on a particular occasion.

I always consider what I wear, whether I am in Bob mode or me, the choice of shirt says a lot about a man, usually hat they don't care, but not as much as the garment choices of a woman say about her.   Of course for a start there are so many garments to choose from, in a moment I will be going out to meet somebody for a coffee, I will be Bob so it's jeans and a sweater.    Of course I have to select which jeans scruffy and baggy or clean well fitted and reasonably new, and the choice of sweater is also important, first off it needs to keep me warm, enough, but it also needs to set the right tone, novelty winter item or smart.

I will be going out this evening as well, the choices will be more complicated, I could once again wear jeans and a sweater, but the choice of jeans is extended to include skinny, skin tight and jeggings, and the sweater could be angora, cowl neck, roll neck, or turtle neck.   I could team the jeans with a variety of boots, or shoes, high heel, mid heel, or flat.   I could wear a dress, a skirt and top, or some tailored trousers, the sheer number of choices is just so much larger and the wrong choice could send some very wrong messages.   What sort of a woman am I? and how do my choices of clothing reflect that, I suspect that most women sort this out in their teens and twenties while I am still struggling with it in my fifties.

One thing I have learnt is that most women do not dress for men (other than on specific occasions), most men don't understand the clothing signals, so women tend to dress either for themselves or for other women, the people who's opinions matter to them.

All very interesting but I still don't know what I am going to wear this evening.
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