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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Concert Dress II

While all girls who play instruments have to consider how they dress in order to maintain a lady like modesty while adopting a good playing position some of us do have additional problems.   For me one of these is make up.   I do not feel self confident enough to abandon any area of my makeup, and not least among my armory is Lipstick.

Trying to wear lipstick while playing a large brass instrument simply does not work.   I tend to end up with a red greasy smear across the mouth piece and my face, this is not good for the embouchure or looking glamorous.   I want to bring out the look of my lips but not look like a clown, so far I have found two products which more or less meet my needs, the first is Maybelline super Stay 24 Colour, this is a sort of paint on colour, then topped up with a moisturizer, the other is Gosh Long Lasting Lip Marker, this is more like a sharpie which you draw onto your lips.    I like the Gosh Marker but they are hard to find and have a limited selection of colours, the only trouble is that it does tend to dry the lips a bit, the Maybelline on the other hand I really do like.   Of course as Stana would say these work for me your mileage may vary.

Of course there is always the problem that after playing I will have a ring around my mouth where the mouthpiece has worn away my foundation, but I simply have to accept this as one of those things I have to suffer for my art.

Now I am an Avon Rep. I really need to try and find one of their products which will do the job.
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