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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Tell me What you Think

On Saturday evening I shall be going to the TransPALS Christmas dinner, this is going to be a relatively informal affair at our normal meeting place, a friendly family pub, which does some very good food.   We will have our own area where we will be meeting and dinning rather than being thrust in amongst the civilians.

My problem is what to wear, as I say this is an informal dinner, but it is also a festive one, and deserves a little more effort than our standard monthly meetings, I think I have three alternatives, red, white or green.

I can't make up my mind, so it's over to you, let me know what you think, you can even vote in the poll!

The photos of the red and white dresses were taken last Christmas, the other was taken way back in January 2012! I do like all three of these dresses but with one thing and another I have only had an opportunity to wear the red dress out so far.   That means that I have been giving wardrobe space to two of these dresses for up to two years simply because I like them even if I haven't worn them.

Last year I planned to wear this white dress to the Christmas dinner, but found a dirty mark on it just as I was about to go out, so had to go for a safe LBD.   I have worn it a couple of times when I have had a friend round to dinner.   The green dress does seem a little middle aged, highly respectable, and has never been worn, but one way or another it will be this Christmas.

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