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Paula's Place

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Mission Accomlished

As is my want I am often very busy, this tends to mean that things get forgotten, put to one side to be finished later, or I simply do not get round to doing them.   Every now and then just to make sure that I do do what I have to I will make a list, as I have a rehearsal tomorrow night, a dinner to go to on Saturday and a concert to play in on Sunday I today I made one of my lists.

I had a fair selection of things to do that I put on the list, I was possibly even a little bit ambitious about the number of things I challenged myself to do.   Now I am sitting down after my dinner feeling rather pleased with myself as I have accomplished everything on list.

Two jobs I will admit to are getting my fake Christmas tree out of the attic and decorating it, in the photo it looks a bit wonky, but I like it, it is totally fake and doesn't even try to to pretend to be a real tree, running along the "branches" it has fibre optics that light in different colours which is quite fun.   ANyway it now makes the place seem a little more "seasonal".

The other is dieing my hair.  It's meant to be blond but I'm not totally confinced.   I have been thinking about this for some time, but still feel a unsure as to the results, even less sure about the photo!

And don't forget to vote, the poll stays open until I get dressed on Saturday
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