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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Hair Brained

Yesterday was a funny old day, if that sounds like the beginning of a very poor stand up routine, it still may be.   I should have started with an electrolysis appointment but had to postpone that till the afternoon as I had an emergency fence repair to get started, just as I was starting to dig a post hole (a ppst hole that ended up looking more like a well!) I got a phone call summoning me to a business meeting between a recycling company and a local authority officer.    So I had to finish the first stage of the fence repair (putting in new posts) then dash home get changed into a respectable looking businessman man, to attend the meeting before getting changed back into myself again before going for my electrolysis.

In the evening I had a jazz band rehearsal with four friends.   Throughout the day I met ten people who I knew pretty well, only two commented, or I suspect noticed that my hair has changed colour, yet the lady in SUperdrug who I saw last week noticed straight away and congratulated me on the look! (and yes the two who noticed are women)

Taken on my return home, around 1:00 a.m.
The poll is now closed! I am slightly surprised by the popularity of the red dress, not only is it a 10 to 1 winner on the poll but also all the facebook comments and messages have been in favour of red.   I had selected these three partly because of the colours, but mostly because I like how they each make me feel., I was intrigued by one comment that the green dress was "too old ladyish", I thought it was elegant and classy, but then maybe I am a bit of an old lady.

When I first wrote this I was getting ready to go out, I have now returned after a very enjoyable evening with my TransPALS ~ more later ~ maybe.
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