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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Advent Calendar 2

Subtitled, Hair Today

I am not currently considering a perm, a couple of times I have had a soft perm and rather liked the outcome, I didn't like the cost, or the smell at the moment I just add a little bit of volume into my hair with a hot air brush.   I am no stylist but I manage not too bad a job.

Natural Highlights
What I am considering for Christmas is colouring my hair, but I will need help and advice, the first bit being advice.  Back in the day when I used to wear a wig, the one I found to be most visually satisfactory was a blond one, I did like the look, felt that the colour suited me and I also felt as though it made me look younger. Whilst I accept that the later is not always a good thing, it can help.

The other thing is that I have never done anything like this before.   My daughter has been learning about coloring her hair since she was about 14 and so is now something of an expert, like so many other things I am learning in my 50s what other girls learnt in their teens.   I don't know whether I will need to bleach first, will just a simple die do the job? how much product to use? So if I do go ahead and go blond I will need help with both choosing the colour and applying it.

Please do let me know what you think, this is a genuine plea for help.

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