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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


First off can I remind all of you that tomorrow is International Transgender Day of Remembrance, I will be going to the event in London, please go to your local event, your support is important and you will be welcome however you dress.   On Saturday TransPALS will be hosting our own event in Croydon Library, we will be meeting at 12:00 for a cup of tea or coffee prior to the Act of Remembrance at 1:00 p.m.   Please do join us if you can.

Now; back to Saturday night, after getting changed at Patricias we made our way up to the Way Out Club on this occasion Rachel had decided to drive so at least we were guaranteed a way home.   By the time we got there it already felt pretty late to this old lady, but the club had barely started going, I bought a bottle of wine (to share between us) and we settled into some comfortable seats at a table that gave us a good opportunity to observe?

Well I suppose the first thing is that I really didn't need to worry about the length of my dress, several girls were wearing very (ludicrously) short skirts, or maybe they were belts, certainly no more than pelmets!   Some girls looked good, others should have known better, certainly there was a fair portion of mutton presenting as lamb.   Maybe it's my age, or maybe I'm growing into my gender but to me the girls who looked best were not the ones prominently displaying themselves, but the more modestly dressed (though definitely not frumpy) self confident ladies.

Then there were the men, this took me back to my teenage years when I would go to a club and hang around somewhere between the bar and the dance floor, not wanting to dance and too uncertain of myself to approach any of the girls, ending up just watching the dance.   Well the only thing that seemed to be different was that the men were older, given that they all knew what sort of club they had come to I would have expected better.   Some were downright slovenly in their dress, and others would have presented a hazard to traffic, but nearly all of them did nothing to approach any of the girls.   The other observation was that they all seemed to be on the short side! Maybe the girls were tall, especially in 4 inch heels, but if I am going to dance with a man it would be nice if he's taller than me.
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