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Monday, 20 October 2014

What a Weekend

Weekends are meant to be a time of rest, relaxation and recovery, setting us up for the trials and effort of the working week, unfortunately for me all too often my weekends are so packed full of activity that come Monday morning I a worn out and need a rest!

This was one of those weekends, every bit of it was good and positive (even if no in all cases for the right reasons)   Yesterday was the autumn LGSO concert, it was a great triumph and I think everyone involved, audience helpers and orchestra enjoyed it,   I may write more about the weekend later, but now I just wanted to mention what was really a small aside.

I have written about T-Dar before, I have also often observed that there are more of us out there than most people realise.   Yesterday in between the rehearsal and the concert some of us popped into one of the few pubs in the City that opens on a Sunday lunchtime, after ordering our lunch I walked back to our table past a couple sitting on their own.   The girl looked up as I passed and a look of acknowledgement and companionship was exchanged.   I have to say she looked fabulous and I am quite sure that no one else would even have suspected, indeed I'm not entirely sure what triggered my own recognition.   I also know that even a few months ago I would not have noticed.

But, (I know I shouldn't start with a preposition, but there you go), but, what really struck me was the look, in the past when I have thought I spotted a sister she has always averted her eyes, scuttled off fearfully not wanting to be outed, but this girl was clearly so happy about who and what she is that there was no fear, no hiding and was quite happy to acknowledge a sister.   All this with no words, just a simple fleeting look.   I'm not sure that as a bloke I would have even noticed the look.
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