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Friday, 15 August 2014

Curry Night

It has been a bit of a hectic week already, some good some bad, but to echo one of my earlier posts I'm still standing.   When Gloria broke down on Wednesday I was at my wits end, I just didn't know what to do, there was no plan B.   At that point God took over, and he generally always manages things much better than I do, I am not out of the woods but at least I am back on the right path, and can see the light where the trees thin out into "green pastures".

Last night I had arranged to have dinner with a good friend of mine from Church at our local pub, we try to do this every now and then to have an uninhibited chat and catch up.   When I got out of my afternoon meeting I had a text message from him saying "I look forward to seeing you at 8. Dress as you wish but please leave the tuba at home" Now he is one of the few men at my Church who I have spoken to about being trans, but like the others he had yet to meet Paula.   I took this message as being quite clear that he meant it would be fine for me to come "en femme" and so I had to decide just exactly how I was going to present, what to wear?   Would a dress be too much, would jeans and a tee be too casual, might I just look like an effeminate man?   I didn't want to look like a tart, I wanted to express my femininity, yet I also had to allow for this being a pub, and the added issue was that the weather was a bit iffy and I would have to walk or catch a bus since Gloria is still in dry dock, so no heels!

Last night's outfit
In the end I decided on a nice simple top, skinny jeans and boots, with a denim jacket and black shoulder bag.   I think this was more or less right clearly feminine but not too stand out, and in no way inappropriate for the occasion or the location.   I was glad that I had given the matter a decent amount of thought and come up with something I was happy with as while there I bumped into two other friends!

One is a chap who occasionally plays in the LGSO and so only knows Paula, we haven't seen each other for while so it was nice to have a quick catch up.   Then I bumped into a lady from Church, interestingly I have not said anything to her, but she showed no surprise but embraced me (literally) and said how pleased she was to see me!   There were some other (male) friends from Church there as well, (it was Curry Night) but I really just didn't feel ready to confront them last night without any warning.   Sometimes I wonder if I am fantasising in thinking that people don't know, maybe they are just too polite to say anything.

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