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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

We Alway Knew You were a Woopsie

I feel as though I have been putting far too much effort into not posting here this week.   I know I am very busy but it should only take a few minutes and a little gin to get the creative flow going.   Instead I have been working, rehearsing, performing, working, tidying up my own garden and house, working, attending meetings, working, doing the laundry, and did I mention working?

Well last Wednesday I played a concert with the only band I am actually a member of, it was a good concert, we played an excellent program well, and I think all of the band and the audience enjoyed themselves.   We use the Fairfield Hall in Croydon which is a wonderful hall, but so big that even with several hundred in the audience it still looks empty, the other two problems with this hall are A/ the bar doesn't stay open after performances, and B/ the artists carpark is a bit limited.

I was a little late arriving and so ended up blocking in every other member of the band who drove.  Now I know Gloria is not a slim girl but there was simple no way of fitting her in without jamming everyone else.  This meant that as soon as we had finished I had to move the van out the way so rather than just coming home I arranged to meet a few friends at a local hostelry for some post performance refreshments.   The friends who made it to the pub ended up being three girls, two of whom have meet me and the other knows. Interestingly although I was in (something approaching) drab they all treated me as though I was just another girl.   I rather enjoyed this and take it as a great compliment.

I have observed that I often find my femininity leaking and that my current drab is often a bit fem, but I have no idea what anyone may think about my "new style" since nobody has said anything.    I had a call from one of the bands I recently came out to via e-mail, assuring me that I was always welcome and could I play with them on Sunday? I went to the rehearsal last night, and no one batted an eyelid, no one missgendered me, and everyone just treated me just right, in some way it made me wonder if everyone is already quite aware and has just been waiting for me to get around to telling them.

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