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Friday, 4 July 2014

Technical Difficulties

I had hoped that on Sunday night I would have been able to wear this dress, as featured on the front cover of the program and the advertising cards, unfortunately I had a little problem, or rather a couple of problems.   One of the things that makes this dress so spectacular is the back, most of which is simply not there.

Saturday night's dress
Now for most girls this
might present a problem of support or enhancement, however for a girl like me it presents a major problem of security!   I could arrange things sufficiently well to survive the photo shoot but feared that if I tried to wear the dress relying on tape or glue to keep the girls in place then I would end up picking them up off the platform floor!   Not a glamorous outcome.   Given that this dress was excluded from the selection and that I had a customer who is something of a fashionista coming my next choice was one of my more modest LBDs, around knee length with long full sleeves, and a high neck it is stylish and modest and very, very comfortable, but then I went and wore it on Saturday night.

So I ended up with my sleeveless black sheath dress, again this is very comfortable and just a little flattering (with some help from spanx) on the whole I think I looked OK but for once was very much overshadowed in the glamour stakes by the soloists and some of the ladies in the choir.

Looks like I may have to watch out for some more Ball Gown style dresses!
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