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Paula's Place

Saturday, 19 July 2014


I know this is turning into a bit of a mantra, but busy busy busy!   Yesterday was all work, and on Thursday I had a meeting with Rachel and Patricia abou the future of our Group, we have decided that as there don't seem to be any other groups in the area we will be covering all of South London and will have to change our name and publicity appropriately, this may sound a bit serious and heavy but it was a very pleasant evening, involving much wine and a barbeque.

Right now I am about to head off into wildest Surre for a rehearsal and concert with the wonderful Pelly Concert Orchestra, amongst other things we will be giving the British Premier of the Leroy Anderson Piano Concerto.   I am a quite excited and just a little nervous as I have yet to see the music, but they are a lovely orchestra and lovely people so I am sure that yet again they will give me any help I may need.

I will write more on this later, but right now here are some picture I too on my phone on Thursday, all these were in customers' gardens on that one day.

Sometimes I love my job!

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