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Paula's Place

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mostly Harmless

A while back I told you all that I had written to a couple of the bands I play in warning them that from now on they would get Paula.   I have subsequently attended rehearsals with both bands, and got little or no reaction from anyone.   One of the conductors did stumble a little over my name, once, with a slight pause before remembering the to add final "a", and one older trombone player did ask me how my transition was going.   I was happy to tell that so far it was all OK.   All in all both occasions were pretty uneventful, and sometimes that's just how I like it.

I will playing a concert with the Biggin Hill Concert Band on Saturday, which I aim to enjoy, before having what currently looks like a concert free summer.   Checking my diary I now have no performances booked until September, and that one may well clash with one of my daughter's performances.   This feels most unusual as I so used to playing on band stands, fetes and the like throughout the summer months that six weeks without a concert could give me withdrawal symptoms.

If I do get any nasty symptoms I hope that they will receive a prompter response than I am getting from Charring Cross GID, my GP filled in and sent off all the forms and my initial bloods back in April, having heard nothing from them I 'phoned in June to check that everything had been received, I was assured that it had and that I should have been sent an introductory information pack.   Of course I have had nothing so I was assured that they would make sure that one would be sent out to me.   Having still received nothing I 'phoned again this morning, and got an answering service, I left my details and await a call back!

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