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Friday, 11 July 2014

More showing off

A bit of a Bear Garden
Yesterday I wrote a bit about the Hampton Court Show the flowers and the gardens, but if you really want to know more about it there are plenty of much  more qualified commentators than me, so today I just want to say a little about the experience.   I suppose the first thing to say is that my friend S is has known me for many years, and we work together in gardening, she is quite comfortable with Paula, and although I don't think I ever warned her that it would be Paula going she fully expected her.

The trip started well when I was called "Young Lady", I'm not sure which pleased me the most "Young" or "Lady" throughout the day I engaged with several people, not just exhibitors or people trying to sell me stuff but other visitors as well, and throughout the whole time I was not missgendered once, indeed I am not aware of receiving any more or any less attention than any other middle aged woman in the same situation.   As a general principle I would say that gardeners are nice people, and are generally friendly, especially with other gardeners, so at a number of stands and show gardens I found myself in conversation with other visitors, swapping opinions, growing tips and information.   This is one of the things I like about this show, but this time it was all the more special.

Another observation is that since I knew a lot of walking would be involved I wore a pair of flat sandals, and as I walked around I realised that I was by no means as tall I often think I am, several ladies there were much taller than me, so on that count at least I certainly was not outstanding.   We did see people dressed in all levels of formality, from smart suits to jeans and tee shirts, the two of us fell in somewhere in the middle S wearing a very nice blue flowery blouse with a long darker blue skirt, I opted for white linen trouser a white top and pink linen jacket, however I only noticed one scruffy person, but then since that was Monty Don it was only to be expected!   This is a situation where everyone is more interested in the flowers than the people, the attention is quite rightly on the exhibits.

It was a long and tiring day, so on our way home we stopped for some refreshment at the Grape and Grain, only to find that almost as if as a special tribute to our day they had put in a new floral display, featuring S's favorite flowers (nasturtiums) all around their door.   So all in all an excellent, long, tiring, but ultimately very fulfilling day.

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