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Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Consultant

I know I have been absent without leave for a while, after managing to post every day during April, May and June have been a bit flaky so far.    This is not because I have not been up to much and have nothing to write about, far from it! rather I have been running around like a headless chicken trying to do too much and burning the candle at both ends. OK mixing my metaphors but I'm sure you get the idea that things are a little busy at the moment.   I actually have a little time at the moment (if I ignore the laundry, the washing up, the housework etc. etc.) as I have an appointment this afternoon that will in effect take up my whole working day.

My appointment is not till 2:30 but as it is on the South Coast I will have to meet my customer in Croydon at around midday in order to drive down and make sure we are in time.   This means that I don't have time this morning to get any gardening work done, and then get changed for my meeting before I have to leave.   It is certainly not a meeting that I can wear my gardening clothes to.   We have quite a decent contract with this particular Local Authority and it is very important to my customer that we retain it, even it means a drop in profitability.   This means our presentation needs to be right.

I have mentioned before about how my "transyness" has been leaking out, apparently more than I realised as it has been suggested to me that some of my recent sartorial choices may not be appropriate for this meeting.   All very friendly and I have no objections to the suggestion, it's just that having to "butch up" it actually now feels more like I'm in drag than when I am wearing a dress.
Another well known Waste Management Consultant

I now have to go and get myself ready, I have just cleaned off my nail polish, I will now have to take out my earrings, see if I can straighten my hair out a little and tie it back, put on the shirt tie and suit, and see if my dainty feet will still tolerate a pair of heavy brogues. Thank goodness it's too hot for tweed otherwise I might end up looking more like a butch lesbian than Tony Soprano
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