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Friday, 13 June 2014

I'm not superstitious, but.........................

It is now 10:30 p.m. and I am just sitting down to my dinner as I write this post. I feel as though I have had a very busy day achieving very little.   I planned to make an earl start as I needed to swap a few things around in my van before making a start to the day proper with what has now become my regular Friday morning appointment with Nelly for electrolysis. Initially all went well, I had a bite of breakfast took my normal mower out and put in the big self propelled one, made sure I had the strimmer and some petrol and off I went.

I arrived for my ten O'clock appointment to find that Nelly wasn't in and that I was in teh hands of Helen.   Again no problem, accept that with all the organising we didn't get started till about 10:30.   Then as helen kept being called out t answer the phone or talk to a customer we didn't actually et through till nearly twelve. Don't get me wrong they are doing a great job and my moustache has almost disappeared, it's just that the job I had expected to be starting around 11:30 I actually started nearer to 12:30.   That job should only have taken up an hour, but somehow managed to run on the ninety minutes so now I was a good two hours behind.   I also seem to have developed a problem with the drive system on my big mower.

So now rather than a civilised lunch it was a mad dash round to unload the van and get to the timber merchant to pick up the materials for a fence I was booked to start today.   Of course the day carried on in the manner it had adopted and the timber merchant didn't have the sizes I wanted so I had to buy bigger and cut down (I HATE waste)   With all the mad dashing around I didn't realise I hadn't picked up the trellis I had paid for until after the timber merchant had shut, so I can't do anything about that till tomorrow.   All this time I was just falling further and further behind. The final straw came along and broke this camel's back when my jig saw broke, sure I have a pad saw I can use instead, but of course that was at home.

Dashing home, just stopping to pick up some food (Mother Hubbard impersonations going on at home) arriving back just in time to realise I was late for a "do" at the Church I had promised to attend.   This was very good, and I had a chance to spend a littel time with my daughter, but by the time it had finished I was in need of food.

Getting home, loading up the oven and sitting down with my laptop I see Meg's warning, Friday the 13th falls on a Friday this month.
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