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Paula's Place

Sunday, 8 June 2014

A long weight

I weighed myself this morning, as I do one day most weekends.   I have tried not to weigh myself any more often than this since my days with "Weight Watchers" as daily variance could cause undue concerns, or indeed enthusiasm.   I generally wobble around the 12 stone mark (around 170 lb or 75 kg) but was rather pleased to see 11 st 10 lb.    I have not been worrying about what I eat but have been trying to cut down on the booze a bit.

Not because of the calories more because far too often recently I have got in fairly late settled down with a glass of something, only to wake up a couple of hours later still on the sofa.   So the outcome is a few better nights sleep and the loss of a few lbs around the old tummy.   Now I need to stick to it and not allow myself to slip back into my old naughty ways.

Interestingly my little loss is nothing compared to the achievement of my wife, she has now lost one and a half stone, and has every intention to carry on, keeping that lot off and losing some more.   I am really pleased that she is finally finding a way to lose, I am just sorry that the way excludes me.   We do still talk, and everything is "very civilised" but I do find I miss them, and sometimes wonder how differently things might have worked out if they were still living with me.   Having said all that I am convinced that both my wife and daughter are happier without me, and my relationship with my daughter now feels better than since she was very young.

The highlight of my week is the time I spend with her, I have my adventures and little bits of excitement (this week I auditioned as MD for a local concert band)  but those few hours are the best, and the point when I take her home is the worst.
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