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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Killer Heels

Thursday evening I had an audition with the wonderful (or should that be Fabulous) London Gay Symphonic Winds, of course I was more than a little stressed out by the whole experience, not least as the last time I auditioned for anything it was to play tuba in the Youth Orchestra! needless to say that was a few years ago now.   Added to the mix of problems was what to wear, I wanted to present myself well but appropriately for the situation, this meant casual, but not too casual.

I also wanted to reaffirm my femininity through my clothes.   This is not a problem that genetic females have but for some of us it is a problem,   I choose to wear a purple tee shirt top, with leather jacket, jeans and this pair of ankle boots.   Yes they are high, but not that high.   Yet after a couple of hours the balls of my feet were beginning to get quite painful, I don't often have a problem unless the heels are very high, but the soreness from these carried right through Friday and into today.

This afternoon I have been wearing these pumps, the heel is about the same height, and I have had no problem at all.

Tomorrow I will be playing at the LGSO Concert in the evening, I shall be wearing one of my favourite Little Black Dresses, this is not only an opportunity to be a little bit glamorous, it is almost obligatory, especially since I have already set my own bar rather high. During the day, including the afternoon rehearsal I shall definitely be dressing for comfort, but come the concert and it will be time to show off, so, the question is which shoes to wear?

Definitely an occasion for what we might more normally term killer heels, and I find I have all too many of these, ranging from the open toed sling-backs to the suede platform court.   I may even break out and not wear black shoes but either my outrageous but wonderful silvery sandals or my 4 inch heel bronze pumps.

I had thought of calling this post Knew Phone as I have just replaced my old Samsung with a shiny new Nokia, in the past I had always had Nokias and I pretty much understand how they operate, and I thought that it would be easier for me to have another.   Well some is easier and some not, but so far I quite like, and the camera is a whole lot better, all these shots were taken with it and the quality is fine for what I want, the only thing is Blogger seems to want to rotate the shots, I have to load them onto my computer, revolve them, then revolve them back before they appear how I want ~ most odd!
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