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Monday, 7 April 2014


The other day (under my D header) I mentioned that I had tried to kill my laptop, in a moment of tired stupidity I knocked over a lamp and more or less put it through the screen of my machine.   I suppose that I am fortunate in that we did hold on to my old one so I could borrow it back from my wife.   Although it does mean I could keep up to date with this blog and other internet stuff I have not had any access to my files and all the things I need to manage my business.   Friday morning I dropped the laptop into a friend who runs a computer repair shop and was very impressed to get a message from him on Saturday to say that it was already fixed.   Unfortunately I was already on my way to a rehearsal so couldn't pick it up, but will be first thing today!

It has been annoying not to have my files available but what is even more annoying is that the old laptop has slightly different software which does not have any decent, effective form of pop up blocker.   If I had to put up with all these pop ups on all your blogs all the time I would probably stop reading them.   I know I have already had one weekend wobbly and a bit of a rant, but added to the slow speed of an older machine these pop ups drive me potty!   I am so glad that the repairs on my main machine are finished!

In the mean time, on Saturday night I played a very interesting concert in Biggin Hill, as a guest I was in a bit of a privileged position not having to worry about anything except playing, but given that we were all playing in the dark with stand lights while a video played we had major problems with seeing the conductor, I like a challenge but there doesn't seem to me to be much point in deliberately making life more difficult than it needs to be.

However the thing I do want to share is that I met a couple of good friends there that I haven't seen for a while and took the opportunity to "come out" to them.

I spoke with the wife first, she was totally cool with the idea of me being transgender, but when I showed her this photo her reaction was initially WOW, and then insisted that I showed the photo to her husband before I explained.   I am sure she expected incredulity but he too was totally cool with the whole idea, I expect that it was less of a surprise to him than he was prepared to admit.   When you sit next to somebody in a band once a week for twenty years you do get to know then pretty well.
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