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Paula's Place

Monday, 3 March 2014


I fear I must be getting old, today I just about managed to get around  6 hours work done in between the rain and hail before I gave up, came home and got changed into something ~ dry.   Having got cleaned up and changed I settled down with a up of tea, switched the radio on and promptly went to sleep.   As a general principle my sofa is a pretty comfortable place, certainly comfortable enough to go to sleep, not quite so comfortable on waking up.

Not sure what right I have to be that tired as although I did have late night on Saturday I had a quite easy day yesterday.   Saturday night was a really nice night my friend arrived a little late but that did give me a little extra time getting changed, dinner was good, but the best bit was the dessert, a lemon trifle which a made myself, whereas the starter was bought in and the main course just a joint of pork.   We talked way into the night before going to bed in the "wee small hours" putting the world to rights.   I am afraid that the evening did also involved large amounts of alcohol, so Sunday morning I awoke at a reasonable hour but slightly under the weather.   I certainly felt that for once I was better off not going to Church.

I dressed for comfort, not speed with a favourite casual top thick tights and denim shorts.   Coffee and breakfast followed in there due course, the one thing I had forgotten was that as I was not at Church one of my friends had to pop round to return a borrowed instrument.   Bless him, although he does know that I am a cross dresser this was the first time he had met Paula he did not bat an eyelid, and enjoyed a cup of coffee with us.

I did feel a bit unwell on Sunday evening and ended up missing my orchestra's rehearsal, but felt fine this morning, and indeed all day until I got home and hit the wall of tiredness.
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