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Paula's Place

Monday, 17 March 2014


Today is St. Patrick's day.   A day when half the world seems to claim Irish descent, drinks far too much Guinness and/or whiskey and generally makes a fool of themselves ~ so why should I be any different?

There was an old family joke that we used to be the O'Higgins but when crossing the Irish sea by boat we were so see sick that we spewed the O over the side.   All very amusing (not) but a couple of years ago my wife did some family history research and found that it was true, they left Ireland (Limerick if I remember correctly) as O'Higgins and arrived in Oxford as Higgins.   Somewhere around Liverpool the O got lost.

To mark the day I will be planting my potatoes, this year I will be growing them in a bag on the patio, not very elegant but I am curious.   I will just be growing one variety Sharp's Express a nice all round first early which I have grown before.   It will be interesting to see how they get on
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