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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Happy New Year

This may seem a little strange to those of you who follow the conventional calender, but for me the year really starts with Spring.   My diary says that the first day of spring is the 20th March, I think it is wrong!   Yesterday I pruned my first roses, today I have already carried on with some of my own, for me this is what dictates the beginning of Spring.

There is a definite feeling of extra warmth in the air (even though what has passed for winter has been very mild) everything is shooting, requiring pruning, feeding, re-potting and very, very soon the grass will want cutting.  

The only fly in the ointment is one of my vines appears to have died, it was very sad at the end of last year, losing all it's leaves early and not fruiting well, I have pruned it as usual and have been trying to give it every chance, but there are no discernible signs of life.   Still if it does not make it, I will treat this as an opportunity to grow something different over that side of my pergola!

Photos from my garden this morning.
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