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Thursday, 13 February 2014


I feel so guilty that I am so often commenting on how busy I am, I should stress that being busy is a choice, I could say no, although to my cost on occasion I'm not very good at it.   On this occasion I'm not thinking in terms of work, I have enough I just can't get it done in the blooming weather!

This week is a typical example of how I tend to overbook y evenings and weekends.   Monday saw a friend, then a Church meeting, Tuesday I hosted and led a Church Home Group, Wednesday Band rehearsal, Thursday I will be at a recording of the ever wonderful BBC Radio 4 show "I'm Sorry I Haven't a clue".   Friday is Valentine's night and I will be playing at another masked ball for the insane Last Tuesday Society.   (Given that I still have not had a better offer, I felt I might as well, while in theory there is still time for somebody to ask me out for a romantic candle lit dinner, I'm not holding my breath).   I almost have Saturday off, my only commitment is to get my hair done in the afternoon, then on Sunday we have the LGSO Valentines Concert, this is also one of the concluding events for this years Gay History Month.

The more perceptive of you will have spotted that within that list there are at east three occasions for Paula to go out.   Several of my civilian friends will be at the recording on Thursday so I shall have to resist the temptation but as Friday night and Sunday are LGSO events so they are definitely Paula occasions, I just have to decide which LBD to wear for the performances.   I also have to decide what to wear on Saturday when I have my hair "done" and for Sunday's pre-performance rehearsal.   Recently I seem to be almost living in my denim skirt, thick tights and boots, I think on both of these occasions I will be opting for comfort over style.

Given the weather we have been having maybe waders could be the best choice.

There really is a website it's amazing what a Google search can bring up sometimes.
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