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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Pink Fog

I don't know how widely used this term is, but on a forum I used to frequent we were often warned to watch out for the Pink Fog.   Pink Fog is the mental fog that comes down when wee first start to come out and all we want to do is dress, think and talk "Pink".   The warning comes as this can test the tolerance of those around us more than we really should.   While we may be in a happy pink place the rest have to inhabit the real civilian world.

I suspect that I may have been living in a pink fog for a while.   Every time I had an opportunity I would glam up, full make up, high heels, the works.   I had expected all this to pass after a few weeks, I never thought that I would lose all urge to dress, but I did expect the imperative to subside.   It has not.   Although I have stopped needing to put on the full slap, and all the bits and pieces that go to help create the illusion, I have found that I still want to express my femininity through my dress.

All bar one pair of my jeans are female, as indeed is all my underwear and most of what I wear from day to day.   Less am I dressing up, more I am simply me.   This is by no means to say that I now fully understand who and what I am.   I still have far too many questions to answer I am hoping that the process that will be starting tomorrow will help me to answer some of those questions, or at the very least narrow down and help me to focus on which questions are really important.

So the only remaining question before going to for my Assessment in the morning is, what to wear?   I am sure that what we wear influences how people think about us, in this situation possibly more than most.   At the moment I am thinking smart casual androgynous, but a lot can change in very short time.
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