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Paula's Place

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Getting things arranged

Hard at work on the laptop
Against all my earlier fears I had a lovely day with my friends yesterday, I think they must have been tired of me by the time I left but it was much nicer to spend time sharing Christmas with good friends than it would have been to be on my own.   Not that I would have as I did had other invitations as well, although this has in many ways been a difficult year I still have much to thank God for.

In contrast to the last few days hectic social whirl I plan on spending today sitting at home watching TV and catching up on all the programs I have recorded ~ lots of solid intellectual stuff like Cadfeal, Jonathan Creek, and Star Wars films.   I will have to go and check the van's tires, fill her up with diesel  etc. at some point in preparation of tomorrow's trip to Cardiff with my daughter.   I will be away for three days so have left a few Blue Peter posts, as in "Here's one I made earlier"

I have also made a start on arranging some Christmas music for concert band, I hope that by starting now I may have something ready in time for next Christmas.
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