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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Not very Social

I have now been running this Blog since August 2011 (I just looked back and was a little surprised by the photo from that first post) during that time I know I have built up a loyal readership ~ thank you, you know who you are.   My Blogger stats often show that I am getting over 200 hits a day, which is nice, I also get some information about where the views are coming from, I get a lot from T-Central, and the blogs I follow and comment on (there is a list on the right).   This has all been pretty much the same for some time.

Recently I have ventured into the world of "Social Media" at least in part as a bit of self publicity.   I am on Google Plus and Facebook, and all my posts now go on both of these.   Although I have noticed a small increase in pageviews since using them, as there is nothing from either on my "traffic Sources" I wonder if they show up at all.

What I am aware of is that most of what I see on Google Plus is just photos being re-posted I sort of understand Facebook, but somehow I just don't get G+ so if you are part of my circles on G+ and you only see my blog posts coming up it's not because I don't like I just can't get my brain around how it all works.

Of course a lot of what is on both of these is rubbish but every now and then a real gem turns up
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