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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy.

I seem to have so much going on at the moment that I have barely a moment to catch my breath and pause for thought.   This last weekend I worked on Saturday before playing in a performance with the local Brass Band, then on the Sunday there was a 5 hour orchestra rehearsal.   As well as my usual work commitments I have concerts coming up on this Saturday and Sunday, then on the 14th and 15th, the 20th and then carols on the 21st and 22nd this also means lots of rehearsals I also have to fit in a haircut on Saturday a visit to the osteopath my support group Christmas dinner and leading a couple of home group meetings.   In theory I should be looking forward too Christmas if only for a rest.

In actuality I can't say I a looking forward too it this year.   It is often said that Christmas is a time for families and this year I will not be able to spend Christmas itself with any of my family.   All y friends have family that they will be spending the day with so it is looking like it will be a day in front of the tele possibly with a bottle of brandy.   In the mean time though I do have looks to look forward to.

On Sunday the LGSO will be playing in a performance of music from the Movies and Musicals at the Apollo Victoria, not sure that is really quite "my thing" but the soloists a great the choir spot on and of course the orchestra is always fun.   It has been observed that as an orchestra this will be the "Campest" thing that we have ever done.   This makes me realise that even after nearly a year in this orchestra I still don't fully understand all the culture, and especially "Camp".   I may not understand camp but I do understand glamour and I fully intend to do my bit in that department.   Nothing too OTT just a LBD heels and a bit of sparkle.

Before all that though I do need to find some time to go shopping to get some new tights and play a load of Christmas music in Biggin Hill, a bit different!
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