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Paula's Place

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tough Gig

Yesterday was once again pretty frenetic with a load of planting to do with two ladies working with me.   I am beginning to think that maybe we should start marketing ourselves as Lady Gardeners, we got all the plants in and cleared up the area and the job is basically complete apart from putting in some stepping stone.   Trouble is the customer wants a very specific stone and I am having major problems sourcing it.   I may end up having to wait till spring (when they start making them again) before I can complete the job.

It all then turned into a bi of a rush to drop off my two helpers, get home get changed and up to town for an LGSO rehearsal.   We have a couple of performances coming up, this rehearsal was specifically for a Movies and Musicals thing we are doing at the Apollo Victoria on the 1st December it looks as though the whole thing may be a bit more intense than I had originally expected.   I shall certainly need to get some practise under y belt before then, some of John Williams' rhythms are very challenging and my register is being challenged in both directions.   It was nice to g and have a beer with some friends afterwards, but this morning it wasn't easy to get up, I think it is a good thing that I actually have an evening at home to recover today.

I understand ticket sales are going well, ad we should have a good audience for what looks like being a great show, not like some I've done over the years, I can definitely feel for Hagar here
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