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Paula's Place

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Back to Saturday

The last weekend was a bit of a whirl, lots and lots happening, and unfortunately lots of spending ~ but then that's what happens when you go shopping.

First off was a visit to the Hairdressers on Saturday morning, this soon absorbed a good couple of hours as I was having a perm.   This is the second perm I have had, not a tight curly perm,, but a gentler soft one, I like the extra body it seems to give my hair, making it a bit more shapely rather than just looking a bit flat, or needing a lot of effort each time I wash it, which is almost every day.   Being there a bit longer I ended up chatting with Nicky for quite a while, it is a strange relationship we have with our hairdressers, we will tell them all sorts of things, some quite personal, in some ways they are our modern confessors.   Fortunately for me Nicky is very friendly and understanding, and perhaps nearly as important she remembers what we talked about six weeks before hand and will ask how thing have progressed.

I know I am not her only trans customer, given that I do not know the other one and this is just an ordinary small suburban hairdressers it does make me wonder how many of us are out there.

After getting my hair done I wanted to get my eyebrows tidied up, I have been in the habit of getting them threaded at the stand in Debenham's in Croydon, but last time I went there I wasn't too happy with the outcome so I had decided to try the Shavata in House of Fraser instead.
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