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Paula's Place

Saturday, 12 October 2013

A bit of Glamour

Tonight we have a support group meeting, I am looking forward to seeing the girls again, and of course sharing a drink and a natter, I also hope I can persuade a few of them to come to my concert next weekend as well.

But of course I always seem to end up with the problem of what to wear.   Tonight I fancy something a little bit glamorous and a little bit short.   This may well mean overdressing for a Saturday night at a "local" but amongst the other girls I'm sure I won't be the only one.   I resolved this problem on Thursday by wearing my dark blue trouser suit with a paler blue blouse and a paisley tie.   Pretty much what you see here, except that my nails were not dark red, they were more a slightly pink pearl, I was also wearing a couple of sparkly rings and tights (pantie hose) that were quite obvious under the cuffs of the trousers.   Guess what, if anybody noticed they didn't care, but I did notice that afterwards I spent a lot more time with the ladies than the men, coincidence?

Today I have just been knocking around the house and garden catching up on a bit of housework and doing a few chores, I have just been wearing a denim skirt and a polo necked sweater, I did pop on my new leather jacket when I popped next door to buy some bread, maybe it is this casualness that has triggered the desire for a bit of glamour.

I think I may well wear the same outfit I wore last Saturday, I do like those culottes, and the outfit makes me feel pretty good, even, dare I say it, a bit sexy.  
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