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Paula's Place

Thursday, 8 August 2013

I need help

When I got in this evening, I still had a few bits and pieces to put away, but I can now say for the first time ever that Paula has come home!   I no longer have shoes or clothes lurking in corners of the garage or the van.   Things are as they should be, those which need hanging are hanging those that should be in drawers are, and those which would normally be left on the top of a dressing table are.   This is all quite liberating, as Meg would call it a "A small Joy".

So after my little bit of tidying and before dinner I had a bath and then did some dressing up.   Although this is always fun I had a reason.   Next week I will be taking part in a photo session for the publicity for the next season of LGSO Concerts.   I will admit to being quite excited about this, it is quite a thrill and will certainly be a new experience.   We are asked to provide our own clothes, makeup jewellery etc. and the theme is to be Glamorous and sophisticated.  

My first thought is that this the ideal opportunity to bring out THE dress, but since the photos will be against a black background then maybe something more colourful and less formal might be called for. So my idea was to take some photos of some of my favourite dresses and ask you to tell me which you think would be best.

This is a favourite day dress, I have had for a couple of years, but still love.

I have only just bought my first couple of print dresses, I have always been a bit nervous of them, but these two floral prints are really nice, the back white and pink one has it's sash belt sown in with a big bow at the back and a smaller one at the front.

The green dress doesn't have a belt and I am undecided whether to add the white leather belt I am wearing with my pink linen dress at the top of the page.

Another long black dress, a quick count tells me that I currently have five or six black dresses, I really should get into colour a bit more.

And THE dress, I'm still not convinced that my back is my best feature, but it is the perfect length, fits where it touches, has sparkly bits and a mesh insert in the back of the skirt so there is a hint of a bit of leg rather than the out and out split of the other long black dress.   In short it is just about perfect.
After all that dressing up I was ready for some dinner, but was not about to start cooking in an evening gown, but couldn't be bothered to do a total change, so I just slipped out of my dress and into my "Daisy Dukes" and a favourite unisex top.
So you see I can do casual.   I only have just over a week to decide what I will wear and/or take to the photo session so please let me know what you think, I can't promise I will follow your advise, but it will definitely help me make up my mind.

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