Paula's Place

Paula's Place

Monday, 1 July 2013

If Only

If only it was that easy, it looks like my wife is determined to go ahead with a separation.   I am sad but not totally surprised or in many ways disappointed.   I am confused and worried, not least about how we will manage it.   At the moment we can barely afford to run one household we have no chance of running two unless at least one of us changes job, or miraculously clears all our debt, and just at the moment I can't see either of those things happening.

I have no great wish to go into details, but yes Paula is an issue in this, but not the sole one, sadly I think our marriage has just run it's course and over the twenty years we have become different people, and maybe neither of us was quite the person the other thought we were from the start.

For now my prime concern has to be the welfare of our daughter, although she seems pretty cool with the whole thing I have yet to talk with her in depth about  what her expectations are.

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