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Paula's Place

Thursday, 13 June 2013


On the lack of posts I refer you to some f my recent quick attempts at keeping up to date.   The frantic pace of life goes on, with a heavy work load a full "social" calendar of rehearsals, Church group meetings and on Saturday night a Party.

At the party I will be acting as sound man, I am rather happy about that as it gets me out of having to be cheerful when I really don't feel it, and I can avoid fancy dress.   This may sound silly but I don't like fancy dress much, it sacks of trying too hard.   Maybe I have just not had the right costume but as the theme is the 1960's I a short of ideas of what I could do (in the presence of my wife), so I will simply be the sound man dressed in black hiding at the back behind the desk.

It may be all the busyness but I am feeling a bit down at the moment, my daughter is fully occupied by exams and has little or no time for me, I suspect my wife is still giving me the cold shoulder, (she can be so taciturn at times it is hard to know if I am getting the sile treatment or if she is just not talking) and my Mother is still in Hospital and very confused, so just at the moment I struggle too be cheerful.
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