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Paula's Place

Friday, 7 June 2013

In Passing

Yesterday was the funeral of an old friend.   Harry was a very musician and one of the great flugal and trumpet players, When I first knew him over 30 years ago he was still getting a lot of work even though his style of music was going out of fashion.   More recently and especially since retiring he had been seeking solace more and more at the bottom of a glass.    Of course I was saddened by the passing of a friend and of a fine musician, but I was also saddened by the thought that many of the Brass Band players who had only known him over the last 10 years will not remember the virtuosity, style and sheer artistry of Harry in his pomp.

Later in the evening my Brother popped in to see me on his way back from Cardiff, he had found the glasses I left at Mum's and returned them, this was a relieve but on the other hand his report was not.   It now seems that Mum will not be discharged from Hospital till next week at the earliest.   She will need a lot of support to be able to live safely on her own and it seems that this is all in hand but will take tie to set up, personally I feel a bit impotent sitting here in London while everything is being done on the other side of the Country.

After my brother's visit I was so tired that I ended up asleep on the sofa and went to bed about ten.   Going to Cardiff at the weekend has taken it out of me, and this weekend looks like a busy one as well, with an RSCM event on Saturday, as well as a support group meeting, hen on Sunday I have a LGSO rehearsal.
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