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Monday, 17 June 2013

Banger List

This is a bit like the Bucket list, but rather than activities to do the list is of cars I want to have.   This is not just cars I could quite fancy but those that I have a real yearning for, cars that I wanted when I first saw them advertised on the back cover of my Father's Sunday Telegraph magazine.   I remember seeing the first Mercedes Benz estate advertised there and thinking, Wow at last a decent car that will take a tuba in the back.   40 years later when I got my first 200T I was not disappointed.

The latest thing in 1980
I also remember the launch of the Renault 20 / 30 as far as I can remember this was the first "executive" class hatchback, it was modern, sleek and very clever.   From personal experience I can also say that it drove like a dream and was pretty quick as well as very comfortable.   The Ford Granada Coupe was as dramatic and as fast as it looked, but totally impractical, the Opel/Vauxhall Senator was comfortable, quick, good looking and prone to rust.   The Humber Sceptre stylish, smooth and very well furnished, but again not very practical for a tuba player.

I loved my Imps and Jade my mark IV Singer Vogue will always have a special place in my heart.
the Jenson Interceptor was awesome (when I could afford to put petrol in it) and the XJ12 smooth powerful and complicated.

So are there any special cars on my banger list? just a few, as an official Rootes nut I have yet to have a Sunbeam, I have had Singers, Hillmans and a couple of Humbers, at least one each of a dodge and a Commer but no Sunbeam.   I know that the fast back Rapier will take a small tuba in the boot so I could just about justify one of those, the other two cars currently on the list are the original Audi A8 and the Jenson Healey.   I was at the Motor show when the Jenson Healey was launched and fell in love with it on the spot, however as it is totally impractical I will need to make an awful lot ore money than I am at the moment before I can afford that sort of toy.
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