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Paula's Place

Sunday, 9 June 2013

A night at the Pub.

I would like to write a full report on last night's meeting, a report with lots of pictures so you can see what we all look like.   I would like to, but I'm sorry for one thing I am short on time again today and for another I totally failed to get any pictures at all.

It will have  be sufficient say that it was good to meet up with old friends, and to meet a "new girl" who came to her first meeting.   Meeting in a pub we are a pretty social group and tend to chat amongst ourselves rather than have any sort of formal agenda or structured meeting.   Somehow we still seem to get things done, our last big event was the IDAHO thing in Croydon Town centre, but over the next few months we have a special private late night opening of one of the local charity shops, and a make up evening.   So we have a bit of fun, a bit of campaigning and quite a lot of mutual support.   I think that the main thing for a lot of the girls is just to have an opportunity to go out dressed without fear.

When ever I write up a report on something I have done I always think to myself "Next time I must get some photos" but then I will forget to take a camera so I can't use a tripod or delay, but I always have my phone, I just feel silly and self conscious asking someone else  take a photo, which when you thin about I how I would be dressed is really silly!   I know I keep saying this but I really must buck myself up.

Now I have to go and get myself ready for Church and then later I have a LGSO rehearsal.
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