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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Every Silver Lining has a cloud

I know I have talked about the value of having something to look forward to, I have also said a couple of times recently that I am looking forward to a rehearsal on Sunday, so that I can start to familiarise myself with the music we will be playing and also so I get an opportunity to dress.   Since I am not a bank I have only just worked out that Monday is a Bank Holiday, the rest of the week is half term, so no orchestra Rehearsal on Sunday and no Band rehearsal on Wednesday.   Foolishly I have arranged to work on Saturday and have one appointment on Monday, I think I will try to rearrange Monday so we can go out together and watch the sprints at Crystal Palace.

It seems that as a family we rarely get to do much together, of course at the moment much of our emotional energy is absorbed by the GCSE exams, that will then be replaced by performances by one or the other of my daughter or me, to go out as a family together and just enjoy the day will be good.

Having said all that without the rehearsals I was expecting I shall have to do at least some practise, and I do need some Paula time.   Not sure how I am going to engineer that, maybe I should just wait and see if it rains, and then sort out my silver lining.
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